Australian Senepol Breeders Association
  • "We see the most profitable people in northern beef production as those producers providing high quality beef from a low cost base. Senepol cattle have proven they will survive and thrive in harsh conditions and provide outstanding quality beef."

  • "This year we are mating all of our heifers to a mob of Senepol bulls. We are extremely pleased with the way they are handling the climate and covering the country. They have also proved to be very quiet cattle."

  • "Senepol's ability to bring major uniformity of colour and type to the first generation progeny from a "mixed mob" of breeders is to me a most important benefit."

  • Solid red colour, ranging from dark red to a lighter ginger colour
  • In general have a very short hair coat type
  • Are naturally polled
  • Have good eye and skin pigmentation
  • A docile temperament - being easily managed and handled in extensive pastoral conditions
  • Average birthweight of calves is 34kg.
  • Average mature weight of cows is 500 - 700kg.
  • Bulls average 800 - 950kg at pasture.
  • Bulls have a high libido, are fertile and virile breeders from an early age.
  • It is typical to see Senepol grazing in the heat of the day, long after other breeds have sought the shelter of shade.


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